Chef James' Bourbon Meat Sauce Recipes

We are so excited to have Chef James’ Bourbon Meat Sauce available for purchase at multiple locations! While we’re sure (and hope) you have enjoyed it on our “Trash Talk” — an upscale version of the Famous “Garbage Plate” — we wanted to invite you to try your own copycat version of our plate and give you some additional ideas for some fun ways to use it.

International Inspiration

Make a chili con Queso – use queso blanco or queso fresca for authentic Mexican flair. Cheddar can also be a nice choice – add some Velveeta for creaminess! If you want add texture – even dump in a jar of Rotel! Top with cilantro (as long as it doesn’t taste like dish soap to you – we love it!

Fold the sauce into some pork carnitas, instead of a barbeque sauce

Integrate into your favorite Spanish rice recipe to make for an aromatic crowd pleaser. Stuff some bell peppers (any color works)

It’s delicious incorporated into tacos, nachos or quesadillas

Fry up some plantain chips and top with the hot sauce for a sweet and savory experience

Make a Homemade Pizza or even pizza rolls– use meat sauce as your base, and top it with some of your favorite accoutrement! We think most cheeses work well with it! Onions, banana peppers, pickled jalapenos, Italian sausage…etc; this could be a great activity with your kids!

Make a homemade Bolognese calzone!

Make some dumplings – steamed and seared, depending on your preference! Either top it or use it as a sauce for dipping

Layer the sauce into your lasagna!

Unexpected Delights

Make Meatball Subs on your favorite local roll. We have plenty to choose from in this town! Baker’s Street is our go to for any bread!

Spoon over pasta instead of a classic sauce – it will be your play to a “Cincinnati Chili”

Incorporate into a fun original soup!

Make a cozy rice dish, and load it up with our delicious sauce

Use It as a dip – for baguette, veggies, tortilla chips, to name a few…

Add it to a salad as a dressing and/or topping – we think it would be fantastic incorporated into a taco salad!

Use it as a marinade for Chicken or Pork chops

Make some delicious meatballs! Incorporate into your meat mixture, or use it as a topping

Make pasta or mac salad – mix it in or top it with the sauce! Yum!

Spread on a crusty baguette – make a sammich with it!

Top your favorite mac & cheese! Do a macaroni and cheese “bar” at an upcoming gathering, along with other fun toppings like bacon, frizzle onions, chives – the skies the limit!

Add to a Baked Potato – top with sour cream, scallions and cheddar cheese!

Make a cheesy rice & broccoli casserole

Use as topping for Cauliflower au Gratin!

Add It to scrambled eggs for a savory breakfast dish – or even a breakfast burrito or omelette!

Mix into mashed potatoes for a creamy and flavorful side dish

Drizzle over your favorite mix of steamed veggies for a delicious side dish

Cheesy Meatloaf Muffins – they are delicious and adorable!

Make some loaded fries – top with all of your favorite things

Top-off your best-loved grilled cheese sandwich – or even us it for dipping instead of tomato soup!

Bake Into homemade tater tots – or warm it up and top them! Again the possibilities are endless with additional toppings!

Use as a topping on Chili Dogs or Grilled Burgers

Make cheesy buffalo chicken dip – use in place of of Buffalo sauce and integrate buffalo chicken for your protein! It will be featuring the best of two of our favorite cities

Use instead of classic beef to make some Sloppy Joe Sammiches – a family favorite. To nix the heat, use a tomato puree, or paste! Add some beef if you want it a little more flavorful and textured dish, add some additional browned beef!

Womp up some of your famous deviled eggs– use it as a drizzle for additional flavor and color!

Fry up some chicken and have it alone or on a bun – top with our sauce!

Who doesn’t love a good cauliflower wing? Enhance it’s already delicious flavors by garnishing with the sauce

Beyond the Plate

Air-pop some popcorn, and top with it for a fiery movie night snack!

Do you love a Bloody Mary? Fire it up a bit for your next brunch with a little heat!