Hours of Operation


11am - 11pm

Tuesday & Wednesday:

11am - Midnight

Thursday & Friday:

11am - 2am


11am - 2am


12pm - 10pm

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About Us

Lovin’cup Bistro and Brews. An all-encompassing, sensory experience —


Tasting made-to-order food items, from simple & fresh choices, to gourmet & original specials every day! Tasting a fine rotating micro-brewed beer selection, wonderful wines from around the world, and specialty cocktails!


Seeing the amazing art — from the extraordinary wine rack and tables, to the ever-changing art on the walls. Seeing people enjoying music, as well as, sharing their amazing talents. Seeing such a wonderful diversity of people, enjoying whatever there is to offer that evening.


Listening to music that crosses all genres — from soft, acoustic singer-songwriters, to full fledged bands from around Rochester, around the country or even around the world. Blues, Rock, Indie, Americana, Folk, Jazz, Bluegrass, Alt-Country, and more— there is always a chance for you to listen to what you love.


Lovin’cup; a place of all sorts of different textures and diversification. Brushing elbows with people of all kinds. Feeling the vibe of music and love. Being touched by the way it makes you feel through music.


Seventy to seventy-five percent of what we perceive as taste actually comes from our sense of smell. Smelling food being cooked to order. Taking in the nose of our fantastic wine selection. Enjoying the barley and hops of a true beer lover’s rotating selection.

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Weekly Events

monday trivia night:  lots & lots of prizes! 

tuesday open mic night:  we offer a cozy and welcoming environment for anyone who wants to share a talent!

wednesday – mixin’ it up!

first wednesday lovin’ cup low key wine sampling

second wednesday lovin’ cup brew ha-ha:
a themed tour of beers – stay tuned for themes

third & fourth wednesday check our website for details;
from live music to benefits, or even comedy to slam poetry,
there’s always something going on!

thursday, friday, saturday and sundays live music:
a mixed musical bag of live performances

The 5k